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Losing Weight with a Loved One

After Valentine’s Day—another excuse to eat lots of chocolate and cupcakes—it’s time to get back to the gym, but does the love-fest have to stop? A bouquet and romantic dinner are wonderful tokens of affection from your spouse or significant other, but nothing says “I love you” more than helping one another to live long and healthy lives. Supporting each one’s fitness and/or weight loss journey is very important, but can you go even farther together? Here are some tips and insights about losing weight with a loved one.

Mutual Support

When you make fitness a priority and head out for the gym, it’s great to hear encouragement and positive feedback from your husband, wife, or boy/girlfriend. We all want to hear that our physique has toned up, we look great in our clothes, and that someone is proud of all the hard work. If you share that journey withyour loved one, though, you have continual support—possibly under the same roof. You encourage each other to not miss a workout, to make healthy eating choices at home and when dining out, and you can share in building healthy habits to support your goals… together.

Refining the Relationship

Rather than fitness becoming something that separates you, the shared weight loss journey can bring you back together and strengthen your relationship. Do you have to do the same activities all the time? Not necessarily. But you can use the same time even if participating in different classes or training. Discussing the journey, and especially whyit’s so important keeps you focused on outcomes and dreams even when you’re struggling to get excited about a workout. The goal of healthy future, modeled for your family (kids, nieces and nephews, siblings, even parents) helps remind you why it’s worth the effort. And when the outcome is based on your dreams as a couple, you’ll work together to make them a reality.

Together… But Not the Same

Real talk: even in the “same” journey, you and your loved one may not have the same results at the same time. Everyone’s body responds differently to workouts and healthy eating, and you may find yourselves out of sync. Men’s and women’s bodies also react differently, so resist discouragement if it crops up. Celebrate each other’s victories, and even engage in a little friendly competition. But remember who you (as an individual) are competing against: you! Progress is measured in how far you’ve improved from yesterday, last week, last month, last year. Even as a couple, you’re cheering each other on as you compete against “yester-you”!

Making Ripples

Do you have kids at home? Seeing mom and dad work on their health will have ripple effects on your kids. They’ll not only follow your example but experience the transformation of healthier food choices in the household, and the benefits of parents with more energy to be active with. And even if you don’t have kids, you have other loved ones in your life that may be motivated by the #couplegoals you’re bringing to life through your combined fitness journey.

Lives Changed

Ultimately, the end goal isn’t merely svelte bodies in tight clothes. And it’s not health for health’s sake, but rather lifelong health and fitness that empowers you to live fully. Reduce the risk of disease, improve your chances of conceiving and growing your family, enjoy travel and more activity, and have the energy to give more time to the charities and causes you cherish. As you build that life together with someone you love, it goes beyond fitness and workouts. But it can certainly start there… and it’ll be awesome to watch where it takes the two of you!

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The February Do-Over

Where. Did. January. Go?

The first month of the year so often zooms by so fast that New Year’s Eve (and all those resolutions) quickly become a distant memory. It may seem that next year will be here before we know it, but even if your January has evaporated there is a ton of 2018 remaining. Like, seriously… most of it! Where so many struggle, though, is when the December 31 goals don’t pan out at the start of the year. But guess what? February is your month for second chances. It’s your do-over.

For When You Overdo

It’s no surprise that the start of the year is a popular time to start (or restart) a fitness regime. The calendar start is a natural time for resolutions and making a change. So maybe you dove in with both feet, hit the gym every day, dug into class after class, and made great gains… for a week or two.

But then… you crashed and burned. Or rather, burned out. The problem with turning over a new leaf is the temptation to take on elite athlete habits when your recent activity level has been much more, well, casual. Going from zero to 100 is overdoing it, and almost impossible to maintain long term.

For When You Didn’t Do

Sometimes the New Year’s Eve goal doesn’t even make it to January 1. And as the next few days, or weeks pass by, the only logical course of action is to wait until next January, right? With all the buzz of those who are crushing their resolutions, the depression of missing out might seem like too much to bear. So, better luck next time.

Do Over

Whether you feel like you missed the boat because of what you didn’t do (or did too much of), remember that the calendar is there to work for you, not the other way around (or against you). Another first day is just around the corner, so let’s call February the “do over” month. Start with realistic goals so you don’t overdo. And set yourself up for success so you do—indeed—do! Start from scratch in February and build a new healthy habit.

The Habit Cycle

When you want to start (or change) a habit, it’s important to understand that there’s more to it than just the actual habitual activity. There are three components, according to bestselling author Charles Duhigg:

  • Trigger: what causes you to perform the habit—maybe it’s a desire to feel better or lose weight, or a text message from a friend prodding you to hit the gym with them!
  • Behavior: the actual habit—perhaps (regularly) attending a group fitness class.
  • Reward: the benefit that encourages the habit cycle to continue—meeting goals, making friends, getting stronger, reducing pain, fitting into those pants… and so much more!

Make the decision to restart your New Year’s… and your resolution(s). It’s never too late for a do-over… as long as you do it.

By the way… we really mean it that Club 14 Fitness is a fitness family, so we’re here to help you, encourage you, and cheer you on in the journey. Check out our group classes, personal training options, and be sure to stop by the front desk to talk about your goals and challenges!

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6+ Fitness New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Every new year, many of us find ourselves in a familiar cycle: make a list and “commit” to a stack of resolutions… and then systematically break them before, say, Valentine’s Day. Setting goals or turning over a new leaf can be a very healthy exercise… so why do so many of us fail repeatedly to meet them? It’s not just a matter of willpower (though sometimes that’s the case). Often, we set goals that are either too ambitious or too vague for us to ever achieve them. Instead, here are 6 fitness New Year’s resolutions to make… that you’ll actually be able to keep.

Find a workout you’ll actually enjoy

Dang, I forgot to go to the gym today. That's 8 years in a row now.It’s no surprise that January sees a huge surge in visits to the gym. New Year’s resolutions drive folks to workout in droves to kick off their “new-year-new-you” fitness journey. Some find just the right mix of exercises and classes to stick around for a while… and hopefully for the long haul. But for others, putting in the time for a few weeks isn’t enough to create a lasting habit. Ultimately, just like with any other life interest: if you don’t enjoy the process, you’ll never get to enjoy the outcome. You may want a healthy and fit body, but if the workout is a drag, you won’t stick with it long enough for the payoff (no matter how much you long for that body). Find a workout you truly enjoy—and not just when it’s over. Group classes, personal training, fitness challenges—do what truly motivates you, and you’ll actually achieve your goals.

Tackle procrastination

“Tomorrow” is the enemy of accomplishment, especially for those prone to procrastination. Just like you’d make an appointment for the doctor, the dentist, or that seasonal cut and color, make your gym visits and appointment. Fill your phone’s calendar, create your to-do lists, knock out the unpleasant stuff first, and ask a friend to help keep you accountable. Procrastination sabotages not only your fitness journey, but your work and personal life. So some victory in this area is a potential win for several areas of your life.

Try one new thing

On December 31, adding skydiving, bungee jumping, and trying fugu (pufferfish) to your New Year’s bucket list may sound like a great idea, but trying something new doesn’t have to be so exotic (or risky). If you’ve skipped the gym for a while, then just coming back to try a new class or training method is a great goal. If you’re a regular, but have been unsure about a class you’ve never tried, then check it out. You may find a new fave, or at least a great option for mixing up your routine periodically. Trying something new gives you the energy (and maybe the courage) to do it again… and again. And each gain is a fitness win.

Reduce screen time

Cooler months and holidays seem like permission to laze on the sofa and binge watch streaming shows and movies. But that doesn’t do anything for our health. Make a resolution to reduce your screen time—or use it more productively by taking your screen time to the gym and watch your favorite shows while using the cardio machines. Or read a book, listen to an audiobook or podcast, or subscribe to an online tutorial for an interesting new hobby—and consume the content while getting in a workout. Media can be a distraction to keep in check, but it can also be a companion to your fitness journey.

Skip the fad diet

Any claim that starts with “lost ___ pounds in ___ weeks without exercise” is, well, ridiculous. Some fad diets will work… in the short term. Crash diet, lose a few pounds (likely water), and feel good for a moment. But it’s not sustainable. It’s not a lifelong nutrition plan. And it can be a dangerous practice. Resolve, instead, to understand healthy lifelong fuel for the body, make changes over time, and learn to fuel your body in a way the keeps you healthy and energized, while also enjoying life (and the food you eat). Start cooking… or cooking again if the pace of life has driven you to fast food and dining out. Enjoy your food again, but food that also makes your body feel good and function at its best.

Find your tribe

For many of us, lone-ranger fitness just doesn’t work… at least, not past the initial inspiration of a New Year’s resolution. Even individual fitness is a team sport: group fitness classmates and gym buddies make the workout more fun, but also give you the push to get in a workout when you would rather do practically anything else. Find your tribe, hold them close, and your resolution will resolve itself!

Bonus: be generous

New Year’s resolutions are often about our own needs (or what we lack). But this year, you can also transform someone else’s life while doing something great for your soul: be generous. Generosity is just as powerful for the person who gives as for the person who receives. And when you’re sharing something amazing that you’ve experienced, you get the joy of someone else getting to be a part of it too. If you’re a gym regular, achieving your results, enjoying the fitness community, and celebrating in others’ successes, then this New Year’s, give the gift of fitness and resolve to come alongside the recipient. Our Club 14 Fitness gift cards are good toward Juice Bar and Pro Shop purchases, or consider a membership gift to help someone achieve their own New Year’s fitness goals. Questions? Give us a call, reach out, or chat with us at the front desk.

All the best to you and yours in your New Year’s 2018 goals! Happy New Year!

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2018 Fitness Trends

The New Year is just around the corner, so what’s coming up in fitness? If you’re looking to shake up your routine, it might be time to jump into tried-and-true workouts you’ve never checked out before, or maybe try something really out of the ordinary. 2018 fitness trends look to confirm much of what we already know while pushing the boundaries on what we might be willing to do! [···]

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Fall Motivation: 5 Fitness Tips

There’s a bit of a nip in the air, daylight fades ever earlier, and sweaters have been pulled out of the closet. Fall is definitely here, and the changes in temperature (and outdoor light) make you want to curl up under a blanket, sip cocoa, and wait for the thermometer to move back up into the 80s and 90s.

But… your fitness trainer, gym friends, and that weight rack is calling your name. How do you overcome the seasonal “blahs” and keep on track? You need some fall motivation. [···]

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Soreness or Pain? How to Tell the Difference

We’ve thankfully moved past the “no pain, no gain” mentality that was prevalent earlier on in the fitness industry. But you may have noticed that once you start seeing results, it can be tough to slow down and listen to your body—especially when it comes to recognizing the difference between muscle soreness (a “good ache”) and pain, or outright injury. Knowing which is which—and when to push through or back off—is key to either continuing progress or being sidelined. [···]

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Foam Rolling for Exercise Recovery

As we work out, our exercised muscles are contracted—which means they are shortened in order to make them stronger. But for overall fitness, any muscle that is shortened must be lengthened again to reduce injury and that awful next-day ache, and also to aid in its recovery so you can work it out again. Naturally, stretching is one important way to accomplish this. But foam rolling is another recovery technique to put in your fitness arsenal. [···]

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Choosing Your Personal Trainer

As our culture becomes more fitness-conscious, the services offered by gyms continue to improve in quality. But it’s more than just high-end machines and equipment. Gyms like ours also offer fun, engaging, and effective group classes and small group or one-on-one personal training.

As training and group fitness started to rise to popularity, it seemed anyone could be a “trainer”—and that almost anyone was. But fitness expert Walter Thompson PhD (president of the certification body ACSM) says, “Overall, people who work in the fitness industry are much more accountable and professional than previously.” And this is great news for anyone who wants to train and transform their body in a safe environment and under the guidance of a qualified coach. [···]

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The Boom of Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a common offering in many gyms these days (including ours), with industry leaders like Les Mills, Pilates, and Zumba offering formats for fitness clubs large and small, alongside staples like yoga, strength training, and cardio equipment. But where did this phenomenon come from, and why is it a great way for you to get—and stay—fit? [···]

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Myths & Truths about Stretching

Opinions about stretching are almost as varied as the exercises out there to be performed. Some positive, some negative, and many with just enough of a mix of right and wrong to really hurt somebody. So let’s get down to the plain facts about stretching (and bust some myths). By applying them to your fitness regimen, you’ll likely see your mobility, flexibility, comfort, and even overall health improve. [···]

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