Working Out

The Boom of Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a common offering in many gyms these days (including ours), with industry leaders like Les Mills, Pilates, and Zumba offering formats for fitness clubs large and small, alongside staples like yoga, strength training, and cardio equipment. But where did this phenomenon come from, and why is it a great way for you to get—and stay—fit? [···]

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Myths & Truths about Stretching

Opinions about stretching are almost as varied as the exercises out there to be performed. Some positive, some negative, and many with just enough of a mix of right and wrong to really hurt somebody. So let’s get down to the plain facts about stretching (and bust some myths). By applying them to your fitness regimen, you’ll likely see your mobility, flexibility, comfort, and even overall health improve. [···]

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When to Replace Your Workout Shoes

What is the most important gear any avid exerciser can invest in? Without a doubt—it’s shoes. Some types of workouts require other equipment, but even if you’re exclusively doing cardio and bodyweight training, you still need shoes. $20 discount store shoes won’t do, either. You don’t get replacement feet after you’ve worn them out, so what you put on them as you set your body in motion definitely matters. We’ve talked before about choosing shoes that offer the right types of support and motion for a variety of exercise types (for example, shoes that are ideal for running will not do so well for dancing). But after “what do I buy?” the next most important question is “when do I throw them away?” [···]

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Introducing LES MILLS GRIT™!

Did you know that one of the most effective things you can do to your body is… confuse it?

Keeping your muscles—including your heart—guessing, is a powerful way to see fast fitness results. And a popular method we’ve just added at Club 14 Fitness is HIIT training, courtesy of the LES MILLS GRIT™ class. [···]

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Lifting Heavy: It’s for Girls Too

It shouldn’t surprise you that around here we encourage women to lift weights. But when it comes to the heavy weights, even those who lift regularly may pause. I mean, how heavy is too heavy? Will a woman who lifts heavy look like “Ah-nold”? [···]

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Football Season: Get Off the Couch and Feel the Ouch

Even though football is one of the most energetic and intense popular team sports in America, for most of us, “Are you ready for some football?” means reserving a spot on the sofa and clearing the coffee table to accommodate chips, dips, and beer. While our sports heroes sweat it out on the gridiron, we’re packing on the pounds for winter.

That’s like eating ice cream—from the carton—while watching The Biggest Loser. [···]

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5 Workout Obstacles You Can Overcome

Making it through an intense workout is difficult enough, but emotional and social obstacles can stop you from even starting the workout (and all the workouts after that). But by recognizing these 5 obstacles, you’ll be able to stand up for yourself and your health and overcome them. [···]

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Lose (and Gain) by Lifting Weights

Cardio workouts are the popular choice for many exercisers—particularly women. Treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals are pretty accessible machines to get started on, and cardio dance or kickboxing classes add fun, camaraderie, intensity and group accountability. There’s no doubt that cardiovascular workouts are essential to health and fitness, and a key ingredient in weightloss. But what about weight training?  [···]

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Enhancing Your Workout Routine with Apps

There’s no doubt that having a workout buddy is a big help when it comes to staying on target, keeping accountable, and meeting your fitness goals. But when you can’t always have a friend or family member come to the gym with you (and even when you can), there’s another resource available to you, and you may even be reading this on it right now! Your smartphone is likely already your constant companion and handy assistant for a variety of daily tasks, so making it and its apps part of your fitness routine makes a lot of sense. But just like any other category of apps and utilities, how do you find what’s useful for you in a sea of App Store icons? [···]

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