Working Out

Enhancing Your Workout Routine with Apps

There’s no doubt that having a workout buddy is a big help when it comes to staying on target, keeping accountable, and meeting your fitness goals. But when you can’t always have a friend or family member come to the gym with you (and even when you can), there’s another resource available to you, and you may even be reading this on it right now! Your smartphone is likely already your constant companion and handy assistant for a variety of daily tasks, so making it and its apps part of your fitness routine makes a lot of sense. But just like any other category of apps and utilities, how do you find what’s useful for you in a sea of App Store icons? [···]

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Benefits of Dance Workouts

Dance workouts have become incredibly popular, and even dance itself has become more mainstream with dance competitions filling the airwaves and gathering millions of weekly viewers. So if you’re interested in dance for fitness, it’s easy to find a variety of classes and music styles to groove and get fit to, including latin, hip hop, ballroom, line dancing, and more. But even if you’re unsure if dance is for you (or even as effective as hitting the treadmill), you may be surprised at all the benefits of adding dance to your fitness mix! [···]

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Stay the Course and Spring Forward

Spring is a natural season to motivate change, but after a long winter, a lack of holidays off work, and the fatigue of trying to keep new habits going, you may be feeling a little blue. So as we approach the season equivalent of “hump day,” here’s some encouragement to keep going, push harder, and set yourself up for continued success! [···]

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When the Scale Doesn’t Move

I’ve worked so hard, practically lived at the gym, but the scale just won’t move. Will I ever meet my goals? Is all this effort even worth it?

Most of us start working out (for the first time, or after a long time) in order to see visible results—lost weight, better fitting clothes, and a very measurable change in what the scale tells us in the morning.

One of the toughest challenges we can face during the fitness journey is overcoming a scale that just doesn’t move. And it is a process of overcoming… but there’s a lot more going on than an ornery bathroom device. So it’s time to find out some of the possible reasons why your scale doesn’t move. [···]

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February Fit & Fed Lunch Break Challenge!

The number one excuse for not exercising is “I don’t have enough time.” Many of us give most of our waking hours to our jobs, and then reserve quality time with loved ones. Not everyone is an early bird who can function during a 5:30am workout or a night owl who can power through a late night gym session. [···]

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The Whole Life Challenge 2016

New Year’s. You probably know it by one of its aliases: “resolution day” (or something like it).

Health Magazine tells us, “New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain.”

But that’s ok, as long as you keep those resolutions. Chances are, you’re still trying to remember to write 2016 instead of 2015, and changes are even better that your resolutions are in trouble. But the best way to keep them is to link arms with other resolution-keepers, especially when it comes to the gym. [···]

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Surviving the Holidays to Keep Fit

Holidays mean pretty decorations, bright lights, huge Thanksgiving meals… Christmas presents, huge Christmas meals… Hanukkah presents, 8 days of huge Hanukkah meals… toasting the New Year, huge New Year’s meals… and so on…

Sense a theme? And in between all the huge meals… parties, parties, and more parties with tons of food and drinks. Mix that in with full schedules and increased stress, and you can understand why so many people join gyms in January.

But it is possible to survive the holidays and maintain your fitness with a few simple but intentional steps. [···]

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Should I Exercise When I’m Sick?

“No pain, no gain” is a mantra many of us avid fitness folks have heard—or even said. Meant to motivate athletes to push through challenges, it’s led many average folks and weekend warriors to suffer injury. But what about when you’re tempted (or even encouraged) to work out when you’re under the weather?

Please note: this article does not constitute medical advice, and, as always, when illness or injury is suspected, consulting a physician or medical professional is highly recommended. [···]

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How to Wash Workout Clothes

A good sweat is proof of a great workout… but you don’t want the last workout’s, um, fragrance following you into the next fitness class or training session. If you find yourself trying to stay downwind of others at the gym, or having to replace your workout wear a little too often, these tips on how to wash workout clothes will help you get longer life out of your gear (and get you back to closer quarters with your fitness friends!). [···]

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