Personal Training Programs

14 Compelling Reasons to Consider Hiring a Fitness Pro

We all wish we could take a magic pill and bam! We have a fit, healthy body. Multitudes of people have tried every diet under the sun, own shelves of exercise videos, have bought home exercise equipment and purchased numerous gym memberships. The results? They fall off the diet within the first month, sell the videos at their next yard sale, use the home treadmill for a place to hang clothes, and keep paying their monthly health club dues to never even darken the door! Sound familiar? Well at CLUB 14 FITNESS, our goal is for you to get off the failure roller coaster, fall in love with living the fit life and SUCCEED once and for all! We believe with our 75+ years of combined experience that our team of Fitness Professionals can help you do just that! Concerned about cost? Please don’t be! We have personal training programs to fit every budget.

Here are 14 great reasons to let us help you:


The number 1 reason people fail is lack of the “M” word. Just having an appointment, knowing that your trainer is ready and waiting for you is the beginning of motivation. Not to mention the fun and exciting workout we’ve designed for you. We’ll guide, inspire, and cheer you on every step of the way. We’ll be there to make you do it, even when you don’t feel like it!


That’s right—we’ll hold you accountable toward your goals, assuring you don’t get off track but keep your eyes on the prize. We’ll help you set a specific, realistic, and achievable plan and hold you to it!


Injury is one of the reasons why many people do not work out anymore. A fitness professional helps you improve your exercise execution and the skills you use so that you can reduce your risk of injury and get the best results out of your exercise sessions. We educate you on how to handle various exercise equipment so that you do not injure yourself.


When you hire a fitness professional, you are in essence, hiring our brains: we have invested years in our education and continuing education to keep us at the top of our ever-changing industry.


Everyone likes a workout that is enjoyable and fun to participate in. CLUB 14 FITNESS’ trainers have the skills to make an often boring workout fun with the wide variety of exercise options we offer. We will keep you looking forward to the next training session.

Minimize Time / Maximize Every Workout

Our trainers develop well-planned programs that are highly efficient and enable you to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Our professional fitness trainers help you develop a routine so you don’t miss workouts. We have the necessary knowledge on the most effective workouts so you achieve your goal and develop a realistic plan that takes you on that path of achieving your set goals without straining your nerves.


Our fitness professionals have up-to-date information on exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. We stay current on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We use the knowledge, experience, and education we have in the field of fitness to provide you with sure-fire tips to help you attain your desired fitness level.


You may ask yourself, “Do these workouts actually work?” We understand that you want the most bang for your buck. That’s why, in most cases, our session length is 45 minutes. We get a lot accomplished in this amount of time, believing it to be the most effective session length. With our vast knowledge on body movements and patterns, we zero in on the right training that will help you attain your goals. You will definitely know you’ve gotten a great workout!

Bridging the Gap from Physical Therapy

Recovering from an injury? Once your physical therapist releases you, we can keep you on track with your training and even take you to the next level—safely and effectively—even helping you work independently in the gym, if that is your goal!

Learning Lifelong Skills

Under the stewardship of a professional fitness trainer, you get the best guidance, training, knowledge, and skills that you can use to keep fit now and into the future. Your trainer gives you the necessary support as you strive to enhance your fitness level and improve the quality of your life. Therefore, if you seek the services of a reputed fitness trainer, you will certainly be equipped with life-long skills.


This one goes beyond motivation and really works both ways. Through the process of personal training, you are going to see results—no doubt about it. Our fitness professionals will inspire you to accomplish things you never thought you were capable of, breaking through barriers and plateaus. This, in turn, inspires us and everyone around you.


At CLUB 14 FITNESS, our trainers put away the cell phones. YOU have our full, undivided attention during your workout. We are “eyes on” and “hands on”!


The relationship you will no doubt develop with your trainer is undeniable. As you work closely together toward your goals, you gain a friend for life!