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Jackie Norton
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To much surprise, Jackie has not been involved in fitness her entire life like many instructors. She began her fitness journey with at-home workouts at the age of 27. This is where her love of boxing and kickboxing was born. She did ’Taebo’ videos! She then joined a gym with Les Mills programs and fell in love with both BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT. Jackie’s job required quite a bit of travel and she found herself looking for a gym that offered these phenomenal classes and was saddened when her home gym in McDonough, Georgia stopped providing them. But that didn’t stop Jackie from searching out other clubs with Les Mills licensing and going to every class possible. She was and still is “ADDICTED to LES MILLS”!!

Jackie and her family moved from Jenkinsburg, GA (very small town) to Fernandina Beach in August of 2006. Her family consists of one very hard working husband, two absolutely beautiful and talented daughters and 2 dogs (fast-forward to 2016, the Nortons now own 4 dogs and 8 chickens and reside in Folkston, GA). Jackie and her husband quickly sought out a gym in Nassau County and due to location, they picked one in Yulee. This is where she met Toni Webber and Juvi Coronado. Toni talked her into trying a Zumba class and she naturally craved Juvi’s kickboxing class – this was the ONLY place in Nassau County that had a class that came close to her absolute passion for kickboxing. After several months, Toni suggested Jackie become a Zumba instructor (in 2006), something Jackie couldn’t envision herself ever doing…but she did, (and did it exceptionally well!). She attended a training and became Zumba certified in 2008. She was teaching at a local gym in 2008 when her daughters had dance classes at CLUB 14 FITNESS where she proudly wore her Zumba Instructor jacket when dropping/picking them up. Jackie says, “THIS IS WHEN MY LIFE CHANGED FOR THE BEST! Rae Lane approached me and asked if I would like to try out and be a sub for the current Zumba instructor at her gym… I GLADLY ACCEPTED and so my fitness life REALLY ACTUALLY BEGAN HERE!”

Jackie began teaching Zumba at CLUB 14 FITNESS in late 2008… In her words, “We had a LOT OF FUN with this program and I ate, slept and breathed ZUMBA…Then, I was asked if I would like to be a part of this new program they were going to be launching called BODY PUMP!!! WHATTTT!!!! YES, I absolutely did – Pure Excitement NOW! I recalled my love for BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT at my prior gym in Georgia. So, in 2009, I became a certified BODYPUMP instructor (no easy task) and was the happiest person alive!”

“My next life-changing story happened when I was asked by a personal trainer if I wanted to train for a Figure Competition and I gladly excepted the challenge! This was the hardest thing in I have ever done in my life! I trained, I dieted and I competed! Challenge over… NEXT?!”

“NOW MY FAVORITE PART!!!!!!!!! Rae Lane decided to add even MORE Les Mills program making our gym even MORE versatile and she asked me if I would be interested in either BODYCOMBAT or BODYSTEP… DO WHATTTT??? BODYCOMBAT??? Without ANY hesitation, I was ALL OVER that opportunity!! I persuaded her that BODYCOMBAT was the way to go. HOW LUCKY AM I? I went through yet another excruciating training with Les Mills to become certified and now I felt COMPLETE and on top of the world! I could not be happier! BODYCOMBAT is my true true love!! lol… I love this program so much, it’s sometimes hard for me to understand why everybody doesn’t just love it like I do! I push play and my whole day changes and all worries and stress disappear! Words can’t express how much I LOVE BODYCOMBAT!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I show the love and passion for these programs I teach and for each participant that walks into my class.

“So here comes my next life changer, my family and I move to another state.
I had to step away from teaching… This absolutely broke my heart.. I have low back issues that can cause some discomfort and a very demanding job so this was something that I had to do. Shortly after this, we moved to Folkston, GA where I currently live! I love my home and 17 acres and all our pets but I do miss teaching my favorite programs and I miss the class participants because we all became a family. I truly loved helping everybody.

Rae Lane to the rescue again when she offered me a class that fits into my schedule as i still come to Amelia Island twice a week… BODYCOMBAT!! I am so thrilled to be back with my gym family even if only 1 day a week. I’LL TAKE IT! I have made my closest friends who are my family at CLUB 14 FITNESS! This truly is the best place to be!!!”

Jackie Norton

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