Todd Hawley

Todd Hawley
rpm instructor / GRIT coach
Loving his son with all his heart 100%
RPM 85%
Grit Training 80%
Laughing Out Loud 90%
Intense Cardio 73%
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Todd Hawley grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico, yes “The Land of Enchantment.” Todd was a scrawny little kid until he was introduced to weight lifting in his freshman year of high school where he became very strong and his body started to change. By his senior year of high school Todd was a 3rd place state champion in pole- vaulting and his love of track and field kept him lean and muscular.

He graduated and moved away from the desert and attended college at The University of North Texas where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Radio Television and Film. He moved to Hollywood and was a struggling actor for a couple of years but always wanted to live on an island by the ocean. His dream came true when he made his way to Amelia island in 2002 and discovered paradise. Kayaking, fishing, bike riding and golf was his active life style until he needed something more. His 8 year old son, Kyler is a huge part of his life and just might have the acting bug his Dad has, to say the least! Todd discovered CLUB 14 FITNESS in 2009 and has been working out as a member before he discovered Les Mills BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT. That was the jump start he needed to reach his fitness goals. BODYCOMBAT changed his workouts forever. Todd, however needed something more and when he discovered Les Mills RPM that was the ticket. The RPM music and riding in a controlled setting with the lights out and neon lights on, was the fitness program Todd was searching for. The music alone made him feel incredible and dig deeper into his fitness goals than ever before. He was motivated by other members and staff to become an instructor. Recently Todd was asked to take on another program-the Les Mills GRIT Series. He loves the ability to coach and train in 30 minutes and power through a High Intense Interval Training program. GRIT has really transformed his workouts and taken his fitness to a whole new level. Todd plans on teaching and coaching fitness until he can no longer get on a bike or lift a bar over his head!

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